Why Should You Consider An Independent Adoption?

Posted on: 30 November 2014

Are you considering adopting a child? Have you been thinking about the different ways to go through the adoption process? When it comes to adoptions, there are various methods a family can use to adopt. One such method is independent adoption. In some cases, independent adoptions can be a much smoother process. This article will outline some of the reasons independent adoption may be right for you.

What Is An Independent Adoption?

One of the more common ways of going through the adoption process is to use an adoption agency. Agencies are either run by the government, or be private organizations.

Independent adoption is a process by which adoptive parents work together with the biological parents to facilitate the procedure. This is done without the involvement of an agency; the biological parents and adoptive parents work directly with one another. One of the main reasons people choose independent adoptions is because it offers more control over the process.

The Benefits Of Independent Adoption

There are several benefits to doing an adoption independently. For some parents, it's a much easier process than going through an agency.


One advantage to doing an independent adoption is that it allows you and the biological parents to form a relationship. Usually, the adoptive parents have a much closer and positive relationship with the birth parents when they are doing an independent adoption.

The ability to forge a relationship between the parents makes the process go much more smoothly. It also lessens the risk of a failed adoption because both sets of parents can get to know one another and decide whether or not adoption is the right choice.


Independent adoptions are usually much quicker than going through an agency. Agency adoptions tend to be subject to long waiting lists and bureaucracy. This makes the process much less smooth than an independent adoption. Typically, independent adoptions are done within 12 months.


Independent adoptions are typically much less expensive than going through an agency. Especially if you are adopting an infant.

Going through an agency can cost you between $10,000 and $25,000 after the whole process is completed. An independent adoption can be less than this, depending on your income level. The adoptive parents will probably still pay for the birth mother's medical expenses.

Adopting a child is a tremendously life-altering decision. Regardless of the process you choose, it's best to consult with an experienced attorney who can advise you along the way.

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