How To Divorce An Abusive Wife

Posted on: 7 January 2016

If you are leaving an abusive wife, you may feel like you are entering an uncharted territory. There is a wealth of resources available to women who choose to leave their abusive husbands, but the issue of abusive wives is less often discussed. As you get in contact with your divorce attorney, there are a few mistakes you will want to avoid to help the divorce move as smoothly as possible.

Leave Immediately If Your Partner Becomes Violent

If your spouse ever becomes violent, you will want to take action immediately by leaving your home. If you cannot find a shelter for men, get a hotel room or contact a friend or family member and ask for a place to stay. Even if you are concerned about being arrested after contacting the police, if your life is in danger, at least you will be removed from the situation. However, if you do not fear for your safety, you should speak with a lawyer before you leave your home.

Keep Secrets

Do not let your wife know you intend to divorce her until it is necessary. You might think that threatening a divorce may frighten her into changing her behavior, but this may trigger your wife to search for ways to punish you for planning to divorce her. While it might seem like a lie, there is a justifiable reason for these actions.

Make Copies Of Important Financial Documents

Obtain all of the important papers you need to begin a new life. Make copies of these papers. If your wife discovers that you are making these copies, she might try to hide important papers to make it more difficult to accomplish your goals. You will need bank statements, social security statements, credit card statements, loan documents and contact lists.

Monitor Joint Accounts

Monitor your joint accounts to make sure that money is not being transferred out regularly. If your wife notices that you are planning on filing for divorce, she may make it more difficult to do so by draining your joint account. One option is to create a separate bank account and to transfer half of the money from the joint account to the separate account. However, keep in mind that this may make your wife suspicious.

Document Incidents Of Abuse

Document every abusive incident that occurs. Keep a digital recorder and record one of your fights. Otherwise, when the police are called, it will be your word against hers. If you do not have a digital recorder, you may be able to record the fight using your cell phone. Contact a divorce attorney, like Stimpson & Associates PC, for more information.