Anabolic Steroid Users Might Only Skirt The Law For A Short Time

Posted on: 15 December 2016

Using anabolic steroids without a prescription is illegal. Steroids most definitely should not be purchased from underground labs and employed for personal use. In addition to all the health risks, possession of anabolic steroids is a crime. Specifically, steroids are Schedule III drugs. Possessing anabolic steroids without a legitimate prescription for a legitimate purpose is bad enough. Possession with intent to distribute is far worse since this felony comes with even more serious repercussions including heavy jail time. A lot of gym goers who become enamored with the bodybuilding subculture make the terrible mistake of assuming using steroids is "no big deal." Reality crashes down on such persons when the make the mistake of drawing attention to their drug use.

Drawing Attention and Risks

Drawing attention to oneself while using anabolic steroids is not wise, but many weightlifters on the internet are open about their drug use. They skirt the law even though their videos and blog entries are -- in essence -- confessions. This is bad enough, but steroid users have a tendency to make things worse.

  • Discussing Drug Stacks

A person with a small amount of steroids is going to be suspected of using steroids for personal use. When the individual admits online that he/she is using a massive drug stack (combination of different steroids) in high volumes, suspicions are going to be raised about the large amount of drugs. Is this person selling some of his/her supply? A raid on the home starts the process of the Drug Enforcement Administration answering that question.

  • Sharing Steroids

Giving someone in the gym free anabolics is a crime. This is distribution even if no money was exchanged or the amounts given were small. The individual just might end up pulled over on the way home from the gym. If the police find the steroids, the person may choose to "roll" on the source. The police could get a warrant and perform a raid.

  • Admitting to Additional Wrongdoing

Going online and admitting steroid use is bad enough. Doing so and talking about a new firearm purchase is an example of an action that could make things worse. A Form 4473 must be filled out to purchase a firearm, and the form asks about being an unlawful user of drugs. The seller of the firearm could learn about public admissions of the buyer's steroid use and call the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. For each firearm purchased, the buyer is going to face felony charges.

A Criminal Risk

Many who think they are never going to run into legal troubles often do. Not everyone who gets involved with steroids avoids problems with the law. And once legal problems arise, calling a solid drug offense attorney is strongly advised. Contact a firm like The Law Offices of Justin Rickman to learn more about your options.