Were You Badly Injured In A Property Fire? What To Know Now

Posted on: 21 November 2017

If you were at a facility that caught fire and you were burned badly, and the fire was caused by negligence of the property owner, than you need to seek legal help right away.  There are a lot of reasons why you may have grounds to sue the property owner, and why you need to action. Here are some of the things that you have to provide the lawyer with, and information you want to have for the lawyer, so the case can get filed and under way as quickly as possible.

Property Information

The lawyer will get all of the details of the building to see why the fire happened, and why you got burned. Information they may compile with the building information for the case includes:

  • Last safety inspection by the health department
  • Fire alarm and smoke detectors locations and testing
  • Fire emergency equipment

The lawyer can find out if the building was using outdated detectors, if there weren't emergency signals to get people out, and if the burns could have been avoided if the building was prepped properly.

Medical Injury Statements

Proof of injuries is a requirement for the case. You want to have pictures, medical documents, images from scans or x-rays, and a letter from a physician stating how bad your injuries are, and what it will take to fully recover from the injuries. If you are even able to fully recover. This information is necessary to prove how serious the case is, and how your medical injuries may be permanent for a lifetime.

Bills from Related Problems

There are a lot of concerns that occur with burn injuries. If you can't work or be around people, you can't afford to live. The settlement should have the opportunity to provide you funds to pay for your lifestyle as long as you are recovering, and then maybe more. Talk with your lawyer about all the different financial woes you have that are directly related to this incident, not just the medical bills.

There are a lot of different things that you have to worry about when you are recovering from an incident where you were burned, and money shouldn't be one of those problems. There are a lot lawyers that are experts at legal cases that involve property owner negligence, and that can start working on your case as soon as you are ready to meet with them for a consultation. Contact a law office, like Salley Law Firm PA, for more help.