Investigated By The FBI For White Collar Crime: What To Expect

Posted on: 14 September 2018

When you are suspected of having committed a white-collar crime, you may find yourself under investigation by the FBI. You may not even know you are under investigation, but if you have reason to believe that this is the case, you must take steps to protect yourself.

Signs That You're Under Investigation

One of the most common ways that you may discover that you're under investigation is if the FBI asks to speak with you. Oftentimes, law enforcement tries to avoid revealing why they are speaking with you, and someone else may actually be under investigation. But if the FBI does ask to speak to you, one option is to say "no" and to seek counsel from a federal criminal lawyer.

A more obvious sign that you are under investigation is if the FBI asks to search your home. You are not required to allow them to search your home unless they have a search warrant. 

If you run a business, another way that you may discover you're under investigation is when your business's records become subpoenaed. This is common when you are under investigation for a white-collar crime. 

You May Be Contacted By the Prosecutor

You may receive a target letter from a prosecutor that informs you that you are the target. You are usually invited to come in and talk to the prosecutor about what happened. 

Actions Federal Agents Can Take

There are many actions that can be undertaken by federal agents when you are under a federal investigation. For example, they may be given permission to wiretap your phone. They may begin investigating you for weeks or months on end. They may ask someone to wear a wire while having a conversation with you. Your online activities may be monitored. They may also review your financial documents. 

What You Should Do

If you find out that you're under an investigation, do not take drastic measures to cover up information. For example, you should not destroy documents that you are not legally allowed to destroy. Do not talk to anyone other than your lawyer about the investigation because you may be charged with obstruction of justice. 

When you are under a federal investigation, it's important that you contact a federal criminal lawyer who has experience with white-collar crime. While some individuals who are investigated by the FBI are innocent, being under investigation is something to be very concerned about.