3 On The Job Issues That Can Lead You To Seek Civil Rights Attorney Services

Posted on: 17 October 2018

The idea of using a civil rights attorney may bring up the idea of a loss of a job due to religious or gender discrimination. You may not think of the other instances where a civil rights attorney may be necessary. Here are three times when an on the job issue can lead you to seek out this specific branch of legal representation. Also included are key points you need to know about each issue and how the attorney can help.

Search and Seizure Violations

Search and seizure requires a warrant or permission from the individual who owns the property to allow the search. This is a right protected by the Fourth Amendment. There are instances where you may be vocal about politics, be part of a group that participates in public demonstrations, or part of a religion that is openly not liked in the workplace. If this is the case and you are suddenly asked for a search of your private property, including your purse or bag and car, ask for a warrant. If your job is held over your head if you do not allow the search and a warrant is not produced, seek legal council. Seek the legal council if you are removed or suspended from your job in connection with the search and seizure.

Proven Promotion Passover

If you have been on the job for several years, or even decades, then you should receive certain promotions when they become available. If you meet the requirements for the job promotion, have the time in, and pass any certifications required but you are still overlooked for the promotion, it may be discrimination. The discrimination and civil rights violations come in when you are a female or minority and begin to see the same race or gender of staff receiving the promotions instead. This can be proven with a log of promotion times and proof of your qualifications. The log should also show if the other person did not have the qualifications, as this can show that you were passed over in favor of a particular gender or race, especially repeatedly over years.

Unreasonable Job Requests

If you find yourself being put into situations that are dangerous to you or would lead to you become injured on the job, begin logging the issue. This is especially important if you are one of the only females in a nearly all male crew or if you are a minority race within the work crew. If this becomes a continual issue that puts your job at risk and your personal safety at risk, seek legal assistance based on possible discrimination.

These are just three of the on the job issues that can lead you to seek civil rights attorney services. If you think you need this form of legal representation, contact your local attorney. They can help you with your case and offer a consultation to discuss your specific case.