Address The Age Discrimination That You Are Dealing With At Your Place Of Employment

Posted on: 15 February 2019

Envision the following scenario - You recently were hired as a secretary and have been working hard to fulfill your job duties. A new boss has been assigned to your department and he begins making little digs about your age. He seems to favor the younger workers and never says anything out of the way to them. Little by little, your job performance suffers and you feel unworthy to be employed. How should you handle this situation?

Contact The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission And An Attorney

You could speak to the head of human resources at your place of employment, but this could make matters worse if the head of HR confronts your employer and he tries to shoot down your accusation and insinuate that you are a disgruntled employee who is trying to make trouble for them.

Instead of using this tactic, explore the protocol that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission uses to protect employees' civil rights. You do not need to give a formal complaint but can merely learn what steps are needed if you decide to report what has happened. An attorney who represents employees who have been treated unfairly can also assist you in deciding how to handle the matter.

Age discrimination situations can be difficult to prove without concrete evidence. An attorney may suggest that you take notes for the time being that specifies the date and time of past and present derogatory comments, who stated each comment and what was verbalized, and how you reacted to each incident.

Of course, this isn't solid proof, but it will demonstrate your concern and attention to detail, which could help prove that you are a victim if you decide to file a lawsuit against your employer. If you're looking for age discrimination law services, get in touch with an experienced lawyer soon. 

Apply For Another Position If You Are Uncomfortable

If you are having difficulty feeling comfortable when your employer speaks down to you, it is time to make some changes. First, try to verbalize to your boss that you are embarrassed and feel troubled when he speaks negatively toward you. Be polite when addressing the matter and try to be assertive and direct when speaking.

If your employer isn't receptive and continues to degrade you, seek a transfer within the company that you are employed at. If there are no openings for another job position, it is time to press legal charges against your employer. Contact the lawyer who you initially spoke with so that he/she can assist you with filling out the paperwork that is necessary to move forward with the legal matter.