Why It Helps To Hire A Real Estate Tax Lawyer When Fighting Raised Property Taxes

Posted on: 29 March 2020

If you own commercial property, one thing you have to worry about is your property taxes going up. If you're looking to protest this raise, then be sure to work with a real estate tax lawyer. They'll help you deal with these tax increases in the following ways. 

Break Down Legal Terminology

If you haven't had your commercial property that long, then there may be a lot of legal terminology you don't understand in the paperwork showing that your property taxes are raising. This can get you confused and then make it more likely that you don't respond appropriately.

You can prevent this from happening by working with a real estate tax attorney. They deal with these forms every day and can help bring clarity on various clauses and phrases that you're not familiar with. Having this legal insight lets you know exactly what's happening regarding your property taxes, and then you can respond to the increased rates with clarity and added direction.

File an Appeal

One of the most important things you can do after finding out that your property taxes are raising is filing an appeal. This is your opportunity to effectively stop your property taxes from going up. A real estate tax attorney can help with this appeal.

They'll make sure you fill out the necessary forms correctly and will go back through to double-check for errors. This way, you can avoid potential delays and improve your odds of having the appeal go through the first time. 

Manage Court Proceedings

When you actively fight against raised property taxes, you will have to attend court. However, keeping up with these dates and times can be a hassle because you're probably worried about other things.

In this case, you can benefit tremendously from working with a real estate tax attorney. They'll keep track of your court proceedings, making sure you show up on time so that you can explain to the judge exactly why your property taxes shouldn't be raised. The attorney will also manage follow-up court dates so that you don't ever miss an important hearing.

Owning commercial property means dealing with raised property taxes every now and then. If you believe they're unjust, then be sure to hire a real estate tax attorney right away. With their experience and legal services, you can put your best foot forward at stopping these taxes from raising and causing you a bunch of future stress.