What Would You Need To Do As An Auto Accident Attorney?

Posted on: 14 October 2020

If you are considering law school or have already entered a pre-law degree program, then you may have some idea as to what category of lawyer you would prefer to be. If you are interested in becoming the kind of attorney that represents individual clients, rather than companies, then you have a multitude of specialties available to you. One of these specialties is automobile accident law. This specialty can be challenging, but it's a great choice for those willing to deal with the insurance industry and the sometimes-complicated laws around drunk driving and those willing to combine personal injury law with auto law.

Insurance (And More)

One of the major issues that an auto accident injury lawyer deals with is the damage that occurs to the vehicle and the person or people involved. Auto accident injury lawyers must handle claims that deal with both personal and property damage, so you will need to learn how to handle both auto and health insurance (for your state or area) for all the parties involved. This can be challenging to handle, as you will invariably be fighting the insurance to pay out as much as they can to provide a payout for your client (and, indirectly, yourself). Luckily, law school, mentorships, and experience can teach you how to handle these negotiations.

It should also be noted that you may be negotiating with insurance companies even after they've decided to pay a certain amount. Insurance companies, including workers compensation insurance companies in some cases, typically have liens on the payment so that they will get paid first out of the settlement. It's generally inadvisable to leave this lien amount alone, as that would essentially be leaving money on the table.

Drunk Driving Laws

According to the CDC, around 30% of all traffic-related deaths are due to one or more drunk or inebriated drivers. Each state has its own drunk driving laws. As an auto accident attorney, you will need to have a firm grasp on the laws on drunk driving for your area and those that cover accidents that happen in jurisdictional grey areas, such as on state borders or when a driver lives in one state but was part of an auto accident in another. These laws can be very clear-cut within each state, but it's important to do the work as to the legal implications of these cross-border issues.

Auto accident law can be complicated and challenging, as you'll need to handle your state's drunk driving laws along with negotiations with multiple insurance parties. To learn more about auto accident law, contact a law firm like Shenkan Law Center, P.C.