Seeking Compensation After A Truck Accident

Posted on: 21 July 2021

While all auto accidents are devastating, truck accidents are often severe. Trucks are made of heavy metals and usually carry heavy loads, which can all magnify the impact of an accident. The chances of survival for the driver, any victims and the vehicle are slim. Parties to an auto accident involving trucks should consult a truck accident lawyer to advise them on recovering compensation from the truck company and their insurers. Truck drivers work long hours and travel long routes, which increases the chances of an accident if they get tired or fall asleep during the journey. Trucking companies have insurance policies that cover accidents in the unfortunate event that one occurs. However, recovering compensation from the insurance companies, particularly for someone with no experience, can be quite daunting. Below are a few reasons why victims in an auto accident involving trucks should consult a truck accident lawyer.

Identify Lines of Insurance

Usually, trucking companies have many insurance companies covering various circumstances. When a plaintiff successfully sues a trucking company after an auto accident and gets compensation, the money comes from the insurance companies the trucking company pays premiums to. A truck accident lawyer evaluates and determines which insurance companies should compensate accident victims. Going after the wrong defendant can result in a case getting dismissed, with the victims receiving no compensation. Thus, victims of a truck accident should consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer for advice on the insurance companies to seek compensation from.

Proper Documentation

Insurance and compensation claims often require a lot of documentary evidence. Thus, before instituting a compensation claim, plaintiffs must ensure they have all relevant documents required to prove their claim. Truck accident lawyers identify all relevant documents, such as medical records, to be presented as evidence of the plaintiff's injuries. The truck accident attorney documents the plaintiff's medical history, drug prescriptions and purchases, x-ray scans, insurance policies, and other medical bills. All the information the truck accident lawyer collects is important in demonstrating the type and extent of injury an accident victim suffered. 

Effective Legal Representation

A truck accident lawyer has the experience and knows the intricacies of the justice system. Thus, they are best suited to represent plaintiffs who need proper legal representation when going after insurance and trucking companies for compensation. A truck accident lawyer can represent their client in court during litigation and in out-of-court settlement negotiations. Suppose the insurance company and the accident victims cannot agree on settlement terms and proceed to court. In that case, the truck accident lawyer prepares a litigation strategy, and gets expert witnesses and relevant evidence to help their clients receive compensation. 

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