Why You Should Hire An Attorney For A Family Court Hearing

Posted on: 13 June 2022

Divorce and separation involve emotions, especially when children are involved. When you can't peacefully make arrangements on child custody and child support, your case will end up in a family court. Family courts hear and determine domestic cases like divorce and child support. Family court hearings require proper preparation and an excellent understanding of custody laws to make arguments that protect the child's best interest. Thus, you need to hire a child custody attorney. Below are some reasons to hire an attorney when attending family court.

Secure Best Interest of the Child

Child custody cases are often emotional and involve exchanges between the parties. You may find yourselves making a case based on what suits you or trying to punish the other party instead of considering what's best for the child. A child custody attorney has no emotional attachment to the case and will make objective arguments that secure the child's best interest. 

Get Fair Hearing

Some child custody cases are very complex and require someone with experience in family law matters to handle them. Not having an attorney may result in issues like failing to file all the necessary supporting documents to the case or the inability to counter the other party's arguments. That may be detrimental to your case, and you may completely lose access to your child. Moreover, courts will hold arguments from both parties to equal standards. That means you'll be disadvantaged if your partner hires a family attorney and you don't. An attorney will help you match the arguments from both parties and ensure you get a fair hearing. They will also help file paperwork and guide you through intricate legal procedures. 

Protects Your Rights as a Parent

Besides protecting the child's best interest, protecting yourself from manipulative or irresponsible former partners during a custody case is also important. For instance, it is important to ensure that the other party helps with child support and doesn't leave the whole burden of raising the child on you. On the other hand, the custody process should protect you from an extortion exercise where your former partner demands more money in child support than you can achieve. An attorney will help analyze your finances and make a case that protects you from manipulation, extortion, and an irresponsible partner. 


If you have an upcoming child custody hearing, it's best to have a family law attorney on your side. They will ensure you effectively protect your child's best interests, get a fair hearing, exercise parental rights, and enforce parental responsibility on the other party.