Are You Facing Criminal Charges? See How A Legal Advisor Can Help You Avoid Getting A Harsh Judgment

Posted on: 28 October 2022

Some criminal cases appear incredibly challenging, and you might quickly conclude that you will lose your case if you appear in court. If this is the case, you may spend sleepless nights worrying that you will get a judgment that may ruin your future. However, when you talk to a criminal defense lawyer, your worries may be assuaged. They will help you understand the major phases of your case and the strategies they intend to use to defend you. Here are some measures your lawyer will likely take to help you avoid getting a harsh judgment,

Undertaking a Thorough Investigation

Your attorney will investigate thoroughly to determine the information the investigators have gathered. They will also want to know the evidence the prosecutor intends to use against you in court. This includes the documents and witness statements they've gathered for your case. By investigating the circumstances of your case, your lawyer will know how to use the available information to your advantage. This way, they can successfully defend you in court and help you avoid getting a harsh judgment.

Filing Motions to Seek a Dismissal of Your Charges

The law gives you the right to seek a dismissal of your case before it heads to trial. Your lawyer will likely take advantage of this to request a dismissal of your case. They do this by presenting a motion that outlines illegalities they might have noticed in your case. This includes a possible unlawful collection of evidence by the police. For example, your lawyer may argue that the officers seized the evidence in an illegal traffic stop. They will therefore protest the use of the evidence in court. Your legal practitioner may also claim that there is insufficient evidence to try your case. If these arguments are successful, your case may not proceed to trial.

Representing You During the Trial

If the prosecution insists that they have sufficient evidence, you will have to appear in court to answer the charges. That being the case, you must prepare to fight the allegations and try to avoid getting a harsh judgment. Your lawyer will help you craft a strategy to help you get a favorable outcome in the case. They will also decide on arguments to raise to convince the court that you did not commit the alleged crime.

A mistake at any phase of your criminal case can leave you at risk of getting a severe punishment. So, you may want to work with a criminal defense lawyer when facing criminal charges. They can help you navigate the intricacies of your case to avoid errors that might lead to you getting a harsh judgment.