Hurt In A Business Vehicle Wreck? What To Do

Posted on: 1 May 2023

If you have been hurt in an accident involving a vehicle owned by a business, your situation could be different. Read on to find out what is different about this type of accident and what you should do next. 

Things Are Different  

Vehicle accidents involving passenger cars and business vehicles can be different in a few ways, including the legal and financial implications for the parties involved.


In an accident involving a passenger car and a business vehicle, determining liability can be more complex. If the driver of the business vehicle was operating the vehicle as part of their job duties, their employer may be held liable for any damages or injuries caused. That means, instead of pursuing monetary damages from the driver, the owner of the business should be located and held accountable. If the driver was employed by a business, it is the business that should be contacted. 

Insurance coverage

Business vehicles may have different types of insurance coverage than personal vehicles, which can affect the compensation available to the parties involved in the accident. For example, a commercial vehicle may have higher liability limits, which can provide more compensation for injuries or damages. This can be a good thing for victims of a business vehicle accident.


Business vehicles may be subject to different regulations than personal vehicles, which can impact liability and insurance coverage. For example, commercial trucks are subject to federal regulations regarding weight limits, driver hours, and maintenance requirements. Those regulations can improve the chances of being paid for an accident. 

Legal representation

Businesses with insurance to cover accidents often use special commercial vehicle insurance. This can mean they also employ legal teams to help them keep their liability costs low. It's imperative for victims of business vehicle accidents to have their legal professional available to ensure they are paid what they are owed. 

Financial damages

Accidents involving business vehicles can result in greater financial damages due to the potential for higher medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses. That can be because many commercial vehicles are heavier and larger. The damage done to a vehicle and to the passengers can be more serious and incur higher medical costs to treat. This can impact the amount of compensation sought and the legal strategy pursued by the parties involved.

Accidents involving passenger cars and business vehicles can have unique legal and financial considerations that require specialized expertise. It is important to consult with a qualified attorney who has experience with these types of accidents to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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