Is A Summer Divorce Filing Right For Your Family?

Posted on: 9 June 2023

Filing for divorce is a difficult decision often reached only after countless hours of contemplation and reflection. So, once you know it is the right step for you; there is usually no turning back. However, while the decision might be firm, the timeline to file requires some flexibility, especially if younger children are involved in the marriage. If filing for divorce during the summer is on your agenda, learn about some factors that might impact your decision.

Family Vacations

A downside of a summer divorce is that it can negatively impact summer vacation plans. Take a family trip to Disney World that the children had been anticipating for months, for example. Filing for divorce before the trip will create a sense of awkwardness for the entire family. 

The children might wonder if the two of you really want to be around each other, and they might even feel the tension, which can put a damper on the trip. For some people, waiting until summer is over seems better.

Focus and Consumption

One argument that favors a summer divorce involves the child's focus and consumption of the issue. Most children go through a period of deep reflection once they learn their parents are divorcing. 

For some children, this reflection is so prominent that it makes it hard for them to focus on anything, causing them to be consumed with divorce. During the school year, this level of distraction is unhealthy. Filing in the summer gives the child a chance to process the initial shock and begin the adjustment process before they are in school. 

Living Arrangements

There is no way to know how a person will react when their spouse tells them they are filing for divorce. For some people, even with disagreements, both can be mature and work together. However, there are also those times when people do not, and the environment becomes so bad that they are forced to move. 

Moving out in haste means there is no guarantee you will find a location close to the family home. Moving a distance away could mean less time with the children. Should you need to move out of the house after your announcement, having a plan in place can ensure you find a residence as close to your children as possible.

Speak with an attorney as soon as possible once you have decided to file for divorce for assistance and advice on moving forward. 

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