3 Things To Do When Appointing A Guardian For Your Children

Posted on: 8 September 2015
As a parent, it can be uncomfortable and saddening to imagine both you and your spouse dying before your children become adults. But if you want to ensure that your kids' best interests are protected and your personal wishes are taken into account, it is important to think about guardianship. Naming a guardian to care for your children in the absence of parents is a serious decision that requires a lot of thought.
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Do You Get Your Money Back After Bailing Someone Out Of Jail?

Posted on: 18 August 2015
If you put your credit on the line to get a quick bail bond for a loved one, then you probably want to know when you are getting your money back. A bail bond is an insurance policy that guarantees that a defendant makes court appearances until the case is completed. Here are three things that will determine whether you receive your money. Cash Bond A cash bond is when you pay the full amount of the bond in cash.
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3 Things To Know If Your Ex Files For Bankruptcy

Posted on: 4 August 2015
Experts estimate that between 40% and 50% of first marriages end in divorce. The divorce statistics are even higher for second and third marriages. If you are among the divorced individuals in the United States today, it's important that you are aware of how your ex-spouse filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy could affect you.  Here are three things to keep in mind when you receive a notice that your ex-spouse has filed for bankruptcy.
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Restaurants And Food Poisoning: When Should You Sue?

Posted on: 21 July 2015
If you've ever suffered from a case of food poisoning, you know how horrifying the experience can be. The condition comes with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and can make for several miserable days. If you contract food poisoning from a meal served at a restaurant, you may have grounds to sue. But before you take that step, you need to consider several factors. Proof Food poisoning can be hard to prove.
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