How To Handle A Custody Fight The Right Way

Posted on: 22 January 2020
Fighting over child custody is an unfortunately all too common problem. There is a right way to deal with the situation, and you should follow these four tips to make sure you'll be handling things the right way. Retain Counsel Immediately Most of the big mistakes people make in a custody battle occur because there wasn't a lawyer present to explain whether a certain choice was a good one. Some parties become belligerent, and others shy away from the situation.
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What To Know If You Are Facing Your 2nd DUI Charge

Posted on: 30 December 2019
Facing a first DUI charge is usually not that bad. After all, courts are a lot more lenient for first offenses than for repeat offenses, and this is why you will need to make sure you hire a lawyer right away as you face your second DUI charge. If this is where you are, here are several important things to know as you prepare to face this second charge. The way you settled it has effects
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Denied a Building Permit on Environmental Grounds? What Are Your Options?

Posted on: 4 December 2019
Homeowners who wish to break new ground on a construction project or make changes to their existing property must seek a government-issued permit before construction can begin. In situations where construction or alteration may impact wildlife or natural resources, the state's Department of Natural Resources or equivalent bureau often serves as the gatekeeper by approving, modifying, or denying permits based on the prospective effect on the environment. But what happens when you're denied permission to make a necessary repair or renovation?
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New Sports Car Getting You In Trouble After College Graduation? Consider A Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Posted on: 30 October 2019
After you graduated college, your parents bought you a great new sports car and you've been having a bit too much fun with it. Riding a sports car too fast is something that many do but which can become a legal problem if you aren't careful and start getting tickets. Thankfully, a high-quality speeding ticket attorney can help you manage this situation and make everything easier for you. Too Many Speeding Tickets Can Be a Problem
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